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Video intro to Jung’s typology

A new video explains Jung’s theory of typology and compares it with the popular interpretation developed by Isabel Briggs Myers. It examines the aspect of typological theory that Jung often complained was overlooked. The video lasts just over 50 minutes and covers:

  • Historical background
  • Foundational principles
  • Typology as exemplar
  • Typological functions
  • Type as a problem
  • Jung’s solution
  • The axiom of Maria
  • The divergence of theories

The video is available at

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Free webinar 8pm Tue 3rd Sep ‘In Conversation’ with BAPT

For those with an advanced interest in Myers-Briggs typology and Jungian theory, there was a free 45-minute live webinar on Tue 3rd Sept as part of the BAPT ‘In Conversation’ series.

BAPT is the British Association of Psychological Type, primarily for those who use the MBTI® or alternative instruments in commercial applications (coaching, leadership development, team building, etc.). There was a discussion between BAPT’s Richard Owen and myself about the differences between Myers-Briggs and Jungian theory, and the future of typology. The webinar can be viewed at

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Journal of Analytical Psychology – five functions

Five functions of psychological typeA new, peer-reviewed paper has just been published in The Journal of Analytical Psychology (JoAP), with the title The five functions of psychological type.  JoAP is the leading international journal primarily for Jungian Analysts.

The paper argues that it is better to refer to psychological type theory (better known as Myers-Briggs typology) as containing five functions, not four.

The abstract is openly available at the JoAP website.  This blog page provides a summary of the content.

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Tribute to Otto Kroeger

Hile Rutledge, president of OKA Associates, has announced that Otto Kroeger has passed away.  In his tribute, Hile states that “Otto’s life and work touched many thousands around the world”.  That is certainly the case, possibly even an understatement, and I was one of those he helped through his books, his advice, and his friendship.

Otto was known as “Mr MBTI”, an expert, pioneer, and author in the field of personality type.  What stood out for me was the way he brought the subject to life, in both his writings and his speech, with humour.  The most famous of these was the “hamburger” story.

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