Psychological Type distorts view of Self and Others

One of the reasons that Carl Gustav Jung developed his theory of Psychological Types was that he had fallen out with Sigmund Freud.  He wanted to understand what had caused the conflict between two people who, on the face of it, had very similar interests.

Although there were many other reasons involved in the break up, one of them was their psychological type.  The two men not only viewed the world differently, but they viewed each other differently.  Preferences distort the way we see ourselves and others.

The video shows an exercise with two lists of characteristics of two types of people.  Red and blue filters show different characteristics in each list.  Psychological type has a similar effect, presenting our own preferences in a positive light, and the Other in a negative light.

One way to overcome this is to use a third filter, with a completely different colour.  This represents the transcendent function – it transcends the red and blue filters and gives a much more complete picture.

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